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Stars of the Week

Every week our children amaze us! They make us proud in both their work effort and their personal attributes. Each class, with difficulty, chooses 2 children who they think deserve extra recognition for their contributions each week. These are our 'Stars of the Week'.

W/C 22nd November

Year 1: Olivia for working really hard to use finger spaces in her writing

             The reading challenge was Tess this week

Year 3: Enya and Fia for excellent effort in phonics and maths 

Year 4: Lucas for being continually kind

            Nimai for a fantastic attitude

Year 5: Sophie for being mature and helpful and cross country

            Hannah for always being helpful around the classroom

Year 6: Jessica for fantastic scientific investigation skills and explanation of thermal conductors and insulators

            Josh for all the help and support you gave the younger children at cross country 

W/C 15th November

Year 1:  Frazer for working extremely hard to succeed in doubling facts

Year 3: Georgia for continuous hard work, a lovely attitude and big smile

             Lottie for hard work in everything she does and contributing lots to whole class discussion

Year 4: Primrose for constant 100% effort and in particular writing some great adverbial sentences

            Iris for fantastic improvement in her reading - great progress made!

Year 5: Sam for really brilliant effort at improving his spellings in his writing

            Riley for always listening well and trying his best

Year 6: Ben for working really hard on his reading this week - keep it up!

            Ruby for consistently using beautiful, joined handwriting

            Bella for always showing off your amazing writing skills in every piece of work

W/C 8th November 2021

Class 1: (Lea Green today!)

Year 1: The Reading Rucksack was taken home by Leo

            Amber for great improvement in English and for keeping going, even when things were tricky

Class 2: Henry for excellent detailed recount of the Gunpowder Plot

              Lucy for excellent maths using addition and subtraction to solve word problems

Class 3: Gracie for always working hard and having enthusiasm for everything

              Matthew for being kind to others and working hard in all subjects

Class 4: Sam for great effort in maths and showing kindness to other peers

              Evie for super motivation and enthusiasm in all lessons, especially history

Class 5: Reilly for working hard and challenging himself in maths

             Olivia for a fantastic report on erosion in geography

Class 6: Isobel for being a kind and caring friend, helping out in class and breaktimes when needed

              Lucy for producing a thorough scientific report of your findings from your investigation on exercise


May 2021