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Week beginning 25th January


Maths - Monday

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Measure. Mr Fowler introduces a lesson on measuring distance.

The Bible as a Guide

Jump For Joy (With Actions)

Jump For Joy - Backing track

Body Percussion (With Music)

March of the Spoons

Body percussion backing track


Maths - Tuesday - Perimeter

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Mr Fowler introduces a lesson on perimeter.


Maths - Wednesday - Perimeter 2

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More perimeter investigation with Mr Fowler

Shadow Puppet Show

Watch this video to see how shadows change size depending on an object's distance form a light source.


A day in the life of a Roman soldier

Use this video to answer questions about a life as a Roman soldier.

The Roman Empire and its effect on Britain

More information about The Romans and the Romans in Britain



If you have finished the perimeter work, have a go at working out the perimeter of your house and garden. How much fencing would you need to go all the way around?

If one metre of fencing costs £5, how much would it cost to put a fence around your house and garden?

(If you live on a farm, it's going to cost a lot!)


How to make a Victorian style Silhouette Portrait

Linking with light here's an easier way to make a silhouette portrait that doesn't involve lamps, blu-tack and keeping still!