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Borrow the Moon

Earlier this year we were able to be part of a really exciting project. Mrs Williams arranged for some Moon Rocks to come into school!

A big box of resources arrived in school and there were some amazing things inside. There were digital microscopes which we used to study rocks from Earth and beyond.

There were a number of different meteorites which had travelled through space and landed on Earth.

There were also impactites which were created when meteors from space landed on Earth and melted the sand into glass.

There were also samples of moon rock and moon dust, collected by astronauts who had been to the moon on the Apollo missions!

It was an amazing week of study. We were so grateful for the opportunity.

Rocks and dust from the moon!

Crater Creator.

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We dropped marbles into flour from different heights to see the difference in the size of craters they made. Impact craters occur when meteors from space crash into Earth. There are impact craters on the moon.
This is filmed in slow motion.

Crater 2.mp4

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Studying Earth rocks and meteors.

We compared Moon rocks and meteorites with rocks found on Earth using the microscopes. The meteorites were really heavy due to their metal content.

Phases of the moon

Class 4 made an explanation of the phases of the Moon using Oreos. It was delicious!

Exploring meteors