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Science at both schools is exciting, child-led and filled with fun investigations Over the past 3 years we have held very successful Science Week’s in both schools, some have been funded by British Science Week grants. We have had a number of outside speakers coming in to school, which has enabled children to talk to real scientists which will hopefully inspire them in the future. There is a real buzz around school during Science Week which everyone loves. This year we have held a Space Day at the schools, funded by Inmarsat, a leading global satellite company. The children were given the opportunity to interview a Rocket Scientist and carry out a number of Space themed investigations. In addition to this, we ‘Borrowed the Moon’ which was an awe-inspiring experience. 

Every class has a Science Ambassador who serves for a term, there is much competition for these positions. Children enjoy the opportunity to assist with setting up experiments, contributing to planning and assisting during lessons. 

Mrs Williams recently attended PSQM training which has been really useful for fine-tuning our lesson planning and she and Mrs Chapman are always looking for exciting opportunities to give Science the highest profile possible in both schools. Mrs Williams teaches Science across both schools, in conjunction with the class teachers. 

We work closely in partnership with the Science faculty at Derby college who loan us resources and provide CPD for our staff. In return we offer work experience placements to their students. 

End of Year Expectations: