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Science Week 2024

Class 4

We had such a fun week! Electricity circuit games, learning about Darwin's finches and evolution, we created our own beaks and picked up sweets with them to find out which beaks were the best. We also  researched the timeline of the universe and baked crispy cakes to look at reversible changes! 

Class 2

We made sustainable plastic by mixing small amounts of cornflour, vinegar and vegetable glycerine. We used a syringe to measure the tiny amounts. We heated the mixture and left it for a long time. By the end of the week we had some plastic! 

We made a water clock using a drinks bottle. We then used a simple circuit, tin foil and a ping pong ball to turn it in to an alarm clock to wake us up after a short time.

We watched a live lesson from a farm which told us about the importance of time on a farm.