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Science Week 2023

We Are All Connected!

The theme of this year's Science Week is connections. We looked at the way science connects all people and things. 

We are connected to the ground!

The whole school investigated our connection to the ground. We went on a worm hunt and collected worms. We measured and counted them. On a wet day Class 2 collected 72 worms! The longest one was 20cm. 

Class 2 then investigated the valuable work that worms do to create and improve the soil. This connects to the plants that grow there providing food for humans and other animals. They also remove harmful greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, and provide oxygen. 

So we are thankful for the work of the worms! 


The whole school was connected through an investigation of biscuits. Class 2 sorted the biscuits by different criteria. They then tested the biscuits to see which was best for dunking!