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In Year 3 we have been learning about skeletons and we are grateful to Derby college for lending us the Dogfish skeleton and human bones. 

Food chains

In Yr 4 we are learning about food chains. We dissected owl pellets to help us learn more about the food chain of a barn owl.


Year 6 used their knowledge of materials and conductors to create their own Operation games! 

Rocks and Soil

Year 3 brought soil from home and examined it with microscopes. We then compared soils and did an investigation over time, looking at what happened to our soil when we added water to it.


In Year 3 we were investigating light and reflection. We looked at items through a tiny hole in a dark shoe box  and sorted them into items that could be seen and items that couldn't be seen. Some children were surprised that they couldn't see reflective clothing. We then went into our  totally dark boiler room with reflective items and could t see them in there either.  The photo in the boiler room is taken with a flash. 



Year 5 had a really fun morning learning about sound waves whilst carrying out a number of exciting experiments.

Healthy Eating

In Class 3 we looked at the nutritional information on food packaging (Traffic Light system) and then sorted the food into different food groups. 

Light and shadow

In Science Class 6 made shadow puppet theatres and performed their puppet shows to the rest of the class. 

Rocks Rock!

Year 3 carried out a series of fair/comparative tests to identify the best rock for a skatepark, roof, kitchen worktop and statue. They loved testing a variety of rocks with sandpaper, vinegar, water and screws to make their own judgements. 

Health and Healthy Eating Event

Year 3 and 4 attended a health awareness day at Highfields. They exercised and investigated the energy produced by exercise. They also made a drank smoothies mixed by pedal power!

Teeth and Eating

In Year 4 we looked at our own teeth and counted the amount of molars, incisors and canines that we had. We then made teeth out of play doh. Later we tasted food to see which teeth we used to eat different food types.

Space Centre Trip

Year 5 and Year 6 enjoyed their trip to the National Space Centre.

Investigating currents

Year 5 used a Makey Makey and made a gummy bear keyboard that actually worked! We then all held hands to test whether the earth would be transferred in a circuit throughout the class- it worked! 

Solar power

Year 5 made solar powered boats and desk fans.

The Solar System

In our study of space we made models of the Solar System. We also looked at the comparative sizes of the planets and the size of the Earth and the moon compared to the sun. 

Crater Creator

In our study of space we investigated how speed affects crater size. We dropped marbles from increasing heights and measured the size of crater it made.


In Year 5 we have been studying materials ad the way they change. We put different materials (e.g. sugar, tea leaves, sand) in water to see if they were soluble or insoluble.  We also checked if stirring and heating the water had an affect on solubility. 

Hearts, lungs and the circulatory system.

We dissected hearts and lungs and then recreated the circulatory system using plasticine.

Phases of the moon

In Yr 5 we learnt about the phases of the Moon using Oreo biscuits. 


In Yr 4 we were investigating conductors and insulators in our Electricity topic.

Materials (rocks) and their properties.

In Yr 3 we carried out 4 investigations on rocks. We wanted to know which rock would be best for......a kitchen worktop, a skate park, a statue in the park and a stone roof on a house. It was great fun! 

Pond Dipping

In Yr 5 we went pond dipping and found Dragon fly nymphs and watched a dragonfly emerge from the nymph cocoon. It was awesome! 

Life cycles

In Yr 5 we studied the life cycle and habitat of coral and made our own coral out of biscuits , marshmallows, strawberry laces and sprinkles.....and then ate them! 

Class 4 dissected owl pellets when they were learning about Food Chains in Science.

Examining soil

Examining soil in Year 4 Lea. We found that some soil was darker because it has  more nutrients than others and that some had sandstone rocks in them which made the water an orange colour. We observed soil over time in water and saw how the rocks collected at the bottom of the bottles.


Testing soils

Sketching circuits

Why is Space called Space?

Can sound travel without air?