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Framework Federation

Lea Primary School, Wessington Primary School and Holloway Playgroup

School Improvement, Vision and Values

Our Vision:

Learning, Enjoying, Achieving - Looking after our Mental & Physical Health

We want you to embrace the love of learning and enjoy coming to school.

We want you to build your resilience and determination to achieve your best in all areas.

We want you to become independent, confident, use your initiative and make the correct choices, to be successful in life.  To take responsibility for your own choices.

We want you to embrace being a British Citizen in modern Britain demonstrating tolerance, acceptance and respect for all.

We want you to be responsible for the world we live in and endeavour to look after our environment. 

We want you to be proud to be a pupil at our school.


Our Aims:

Learning, Enjoying, Achieving

We aim to enable all children:

  • to understand that they are successful learners
  • to understand the skills and attributes needed to be a successful learner
  • to develop their own personal interests and develop a passion for learning
  • to promote a positive attitude towards learning, so that all children enjoy coming to school and acquire the skills needed for lifelong learning
  • to teach children English, Maths, Science and Computing
  • to be creative through dance, music, forest schools, design technology, art and drama
  • to adopt healthy lifestyles and enjoy sport and exercise
  • to know about the developing world, including how the environment and society have changed over time
  • to question and take risks.

Our School Priorities this year (2021-22)