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WWII memories

Joyce, from the village visited to tell us about her experiences as a child during World War II. She answered all our questions. It was absolutely fascinating and we are so grateful to her. 

WWII debate - Should we go to war?

We had a debate about whether or not it was the right thing for Britain to go to war with Germany. It got quite heated as it was a very difficult decision.

Our incredible timeline

We are so lucky that the incredibly talented Wendy Dey was able to come and create our wonderful timeline...  smiley She has worked so hard to provide us with a wonderful way to deepen our children's chronological understanding and visualise when different events and periods occurred.

There are QR codes along the timeline which children can scan - using school iPads - to access further information and websites which will support their learning. 

The QR codes are also a great way of showcasing our work in school too and we will be adding to these throughout the year.

The timeline is situated in the corridor outside the hall, where we are all be able to engage with it every day!!


The Timeline in Action

After visiting the timeline, one of our Reception children was so inspired that she went back to the classroom and drew a picture of some of the things on the timeline. She made sure she put them in the right order from the timeline and added fantastic details!

American History virtual visit.

Class 6 from Lea and Class 4 at Wessington met with Emeritus Professor Denis Bracken from the University of Manitoba in Canada. Denis talked to the children about American Independence, Civil War, Indigenous people, The Underground Railroad, Polar Bears in Hudson Bay and Inuit Throat Singing. It was fascinating! The children are learning  American History and Geography this term.

Year 5 and 6 visit to Eden Camp

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Classes 5 and 6 visited Eden Camp with Class 4 from Wessington as part of their study of World War II.

Trip to Sudbury Hall

We had a Victorian lesson with our teacher, Miss Eve. We had to pay a penny to attend school, make sure our hands and nails were clean, dress like Victorian children and write on slates. 

We explored the Toy Museum, took part in challenges and even got to climb up a chimney, like children used to do when cleaning them!


Great Fire of London visit

Years 1 and 2 at both Lea and Wessington Schools had such a fantastic morning with Daisy and Samuel Pepys, learning all about The Great Fire of London. They travelled back in time to 1666 to discover what London was like 350 years ago and how London coped when faced with the devastating fire.

The Great Fire of London

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The Plague

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