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Safeguarding and Keeping Safe On-Line

Safeguarding is one of the most important areas of our work. Every effort is made to ensure that all pupils are kept safe during the school day, and also that we support pupils in developing an understanding of how to keep themselves safe. At Framework Federation we expect all staff, governors, volunteers and visitors to share this commitment and maintain a vigilant and safe environment.


We expect all adults to work in a safe manner and challenge inappropriate behaviour. Everyone is expected to adhere to the Keeping Children Safe in Education, ‘Code of Conduct for Safer Working Practice’ and the DfE’s ‘Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Adults who work with Children and Young People in Educational Settings which are available on the school’s website. It is a key principle of our code of conduct that everyone understands their responsibility to share without delay concerns they may have about a child’s welfare or an adult’s behaviour towards a young person. In addition, everyone has a responsibility to escalate their concerns to the Local Authority Designated Officer (‘whistle blow’) if they feel that safeguarding concerns they have raised about a child or adult working at the school are not being addressed by the school.


From first contact with the school, all adults working with children - school staff, visiting professionals, volunteers in school and student placements - are rigorously checked using the Disclosure and Barring service, the Disqualification by association documents and, for all staff, references are collate. Online prohibition or S128 checks are also completed. Vacancies are advertised in accordance with safeguarding principles and in line with the guidance from Keeping Children Safe in Education . A detailed document - the school central record - is kept updated and contains all statutory evidence.


The school has a wealth of safeguarding documents: policies, procedures and recommendations. This includes the Local Authority's Safeguarding Audit which is completed annually. These are all held in the Headteacher's office. All staff have identity badges, and there is a visitors on-line system for all visitors to school to sign, and a Safeguarding leaflet which we have produced.  All visitors must sign in and wear the school’s visitor badge. In addition, visiting professionals will also be expected to show and wear their photo ID badge provided by their employer.  Everyone is reminded it is a criminal offence to seek work whether paid or voluntary, having been barred or convicted of offences and deemed unsuitable to work with children.


All staff and Governors undertake annual safeguarding training which includes Child Protection information and PREVENT.  Pupils will also be supported in this way with curriculum content suited to their age and ability. Some of this is identifiable from the curriculum plans, and other aspects come into areas such as Citizenship and Online Safety.


Please ask if you would like further detail.


The children have regular work in Online Safety, which feeds into other areas of the curriculum, and in Road Safety and Health Education.


Safeguarding Contacts in our Schools:


Designated Safeguarding Lead:  Karen Maycock


Designated Safeguarding Deputy:  Rachel Wylde, Johnny Rowlatt, Yvonne Lack


Safeguarding Governor's:  Jenny Newton and Susan Ingram


Click on the links to see the policies and documents that underpin our school’s approach to safeguarding.

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