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Lea Primary School, Wessington Primary School and Holloway Playgroup

Mental Health & Wellbeing

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At Framework Federation we recognise that mental and physical health is a vitally important part of education and well-being for both children and adults.


Promoting a positive ethos and a sense of belonging for all members of the school community:

  • A positive vision is developed across the Federation and both school communities.
  • There is a strong care and respect agenda across both schools - everybody belongs.
  • We have a strong culture of listening.
  • We aim that all children feel safe, wanted and can aspire.
  • We have strong partnerships with local clubs and activities out of hours.
  • Assemblies focus on Mental Health, Staying Safe, British Values, Keeping Healthy and historic and present day role models.


Have clear and consistent policies which support teaching and learning and behaviour:

  • Teaching and Learning Policy
  • Maths Policy
  • English Policy
  • Computing Policy
  • Science Policy
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Forest Schools - which has a proven impact on improving mental and physical health, enjoyment and icnreading resilience.


Actively encourage positive relationships across the school community:

  • There is a positive culture of respect across both schools
  • Staff work together to support and challenge
  • Children are all able to talk to adults within the school
  • There is a sense of fun


Focus on staff training and well-being:

  • There is an awareness of health, safety and welfare of staff
  • There is professional and personal support for staff through our 'open door policy'
  • There is a culture of staff supporting each other across both schools
  • There is a no-blame culture in which staff can ask for help if needed
  • Annual staff questionnaire to focus on health and well-being
  • There is training and inductions for new staff


Work in partnership:

  • There are strong partnerships between school and parents - we have a strong open door policy
  • We have many parent and community volunteers who work within school
  • We have strong links with the local communities - church services termly to which the community are invited, Year 6 children help at community events, the local Women's Institute visit Lea Primary School to teach the children to sew and knit
  • Parents, staff and children are given an annual questionnaire and viewpoints are always taken into account
  • Children are completing outdoor Club and Scout badges during Forest School sessions
  • The Headteacher speaks to parents and builds relationships regularly at Open Mornings, Parents Evenings, Performances, events and each day where possible at the school gates
  • Communication systems ensure consistency of approaches
  • Mental Health 'tip of the week' is given on weekly newsletters
  • There are strong partnerships with other schools in the Matlock cluster at all levels and with Holloway Playgroup


Listen to the child's voice:

  • We have a very active School Council and Sports Council
  • Children are often involved in the decision making process
  • Children are encouraged to be independent learners - taking ownership of their own learning, knowing their own targets, what they need to do to improve and reviewing their own progress
  • There is a culture that all children have a voice


Arrange teaching in groups to suit the individual needs of children with social, emotional and mental health difficulties and adjust the curriculum to meet individual needs:

  • We have an excellent Nurture Group and Nurture Lunch Club that children from both schools access and Lego Therapy
  • Vulnerable children are assessed using the 'Boxall Profile'
  • Children's individual needs are assessed and provision put in place accordingly, for example 'no cost' breakfast club and Forest Schools curriculum
  • Adaptions are made to move with changing and emerging needs.
  • A great active curriculum, getting children out and about, a huge emphasis on physical well-being, being active (including 'Mile a Day') and Forest Schools


Use the School Accessibility Plan to meet individual needs:

  • There is a current School Accessibility Plan which is used when it is needed for adaptation of provision.