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Electric games.

In year 5/6 we designed and made our own electronic games using our knowledge of electric circuits. 


In Year 5/6 we worked as electrical engineers, looking at circuits that he'd been drawn by other people and deciding whether  to approve or reject them. Once we had looked at the circuits we then made the  circuits,  to check whether or not we were correct.  It was great fun! 

The Circulatory System - Blood!

In Class 4 we made blood smoothies, where we learnt about the different components of blood. We also found out about the different blood groups, and which blood group can be a donor to all

The Circulatory System - The Heart

In Science Class 4 made models of the heart out of Play Doh as part of our learning about the human circulatory system. 



In Class 4 we were learning about Gravity and loved the Gravity carousel of activities that we did outside. 

Space Centre Trip

Class 4 enjoyed a trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester. 

Shadow sizes.

Class 4 investigated how to make their shadow puppet's larger and smaller. 

Refracting light

Class 4 have been learning about refraction. We carried out fun experiments. We borrowed a ray box from Derby College (our partner school) and played with prisms looking at how the light appeared to be distorted.


Year 5/6 recapped on old learning from Yr 3/4. We carried out experiments proving that we needed light sources to see, light travels in straight lines and we made a light maze to show how mirrors reflect light......it was great fun!

Owl pellets

At open day we dissected owl pellets with parents! 

We met a real life "live" skeleton!

Thanks to Derby College for letting Alan visit us.

Class 4 used their knowledge of electricity and forces to make mini vacuum cleaners.

The Circulatory System

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In Computing we used green screen technology to make film about the circulatory system, which we'd learnt about in science.

The circulatory system