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Viking Toys

We researched Viking toys and in Forest Schools we used modern tools to make some. 

American History expert virtual visit!

Class 6 from Lea and Class 4 at Wessington met with Emeritus Professor Denis Bracken from the University of Manitoba in Canada. Denis talked to the children about American Independence, Civil War, Indigenous people, The Underground Railroad, Polar Bears in Hudson Bay and Inuit Throat Singing. It was fascinating! The children are learning  American History and Geography this term.

Run Rabbit Run!

In DT and History Class 4 we're learning about rationing in WW2. We decided to make rabbit stew, just as many people would have during the war. Most children sampled it, and all who did said it was delicious!! 


World War II - Eden Camp trip

We had a brilliant day at Eden Camp. We looked at all sorts of World War II artefacts and learnt what life what life was like for people between 1939 and 1945.

World War II Jam!

In DT, Year 5/6 decided to make jam out of  hedgerow fruit, just as would have been done during the war. We made a large amount of Crab Apple  and Damson jam. All of the fruit was picked in Wessington  by the class.  It was delicious! 


World War II

In our Class 4 History lesson we pretended that we were in the House of Common’s during 1939, when Neville Chamberlain was promoting his appeasement policy. Half of us were on the side of Chamberlain, and the other half were on the side of the opposition and arguing that we should go to war with Hitler immediately. It was a lively debate and extremely passionate!

In Class 4, we have been learning about The Blitz. We studied the photo by Herbert Mason 'St Paul's Survives' , taken during the night of the air raid on 29th-30th December 1940. In our Art lesson we recreated the photo using chalk and stencils.

Trip to Sudbury Hall

Mummifying Tomatoes!

We mummified tomatoes, using the same techniques as the Egyptians did.  The Egyptians mummified dead bodies because they believed that souls returned to dead bodies in the afterlife and it was important for the bodies to look the same. 


We looked at our ‘body’ and talked about it’s features. 


We made an incision and removed all of the insides of the body. Egyptians stored the organs (except the heart in Canopic Jars). 


We cleaned out our body and weighed it. 


We packed it into a mix of salt and bicarbonate of soda and left it there for 40 days. 

Ancient Egyptian Tomb

Yr 5/6 are learning about Ancient Egypt. We recreated Tutankhamun's tomb and pretended we were archaeologist's  excavating the tomb like Howard Carter did in 1922.

American History Teams Meeting

Yr 5/6 had a Teams meeting with a Professor of American History, Denis Bracken who lives in Winnipeg, Canada. 

American History

Yr 5/6 made a totem pole when learning American history. 

The Aztecs

The Aztecs were great warriors and crafts people. Class 2 made replica sheilds.

Ancient Greece

Going to battle!

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The Phalanx

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The Ancient Greeks had great tactics in battle.